Some people go to a museum to view art. Some people wear it.


Collecting art is no longer an entitlement of the rich - it is now accessible to everyone. These pieces of clothing are in fact, “Art”. The ability to wear these pieces only adds to their intrinsic value and mystique. Every piece is handmade, unique and one of a kind - made by the Artist Jacob Croes. Croes also creates all the colors used in dying - working with only the primary colors and black to create distinctive and unrepeated colors - making each piece special. There are no two alike pieces in the entire world and once these pieces are gone -  they are gone - never to be replicated.

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. If a product does not fit, has any defects or just is not right for you or your loved ones, send us an email and we would be happy to take the product back and offer a full refund.*

*This excludes custom made clothing

Uncaged Original Clothing

All original clothing is designed by Artist Jacob Croes. These pieces start as blank canvases and are transformed into unique wearable art. Currently we have the Limited Edition Collection, which features our own Uncaged original artwork or prints. All Editions are limited release quantities and once they are sold out they are gone forever - never to be repeated. We also make One-of-a-Kind pieces with our original logo that are completely unique. Get your Uncaged Originals now before they're gone!

Upcycled Clothing

Upcycled Clothing is clothing that is lightly used and given new life through dying, sewing and other alteration methods. In this era of "fast fashion" so much clothing is thrown out before it reaches its full potential. That is why at Uncaged Crow we are looking to cut down on waste and help do our part in being enviornmentally sustainable. More than 75% of the clothes we produce are made with upcycled clothing products which means we are keeping clothes from being wasted! Check out our upcyceld inventory where every piece is unique and enviornmentally sustainable.

More than a Brand

In a world where many of us do not follow our passions and work simply to make money - our brand Uncaged Crow says enough is enough. We all deserve the chance to follow our dreams and spread our wings. This is where Uncaged Crow began - It started with a dream by Artist Jacob Croes to Uncage himself and follow his dreams of owning his own business. Uncaged Crow is all about expressing yourself and living life to it’s full potential. Our clothing embodies this mantra and hopes to spread positivity and freedom through our wardrobe. Wherever you go and whatever you love to do - you know that in your Uncaged Clothing that your unique and interesting personality is sure to stand out and spark conversations.